2012 – A look back at our inaugural year (and plans for 2013)

What a great inaugural year for us at the NY Enterprise Technology Meetup.  The NYETM was founded as the first monthly tech forum in NYC to focus exclusively on enterprise tech demos and feature companies of all stages (from right out of beta to post-IPO). It is so exciting to look back at all the progress we’ve made thanks to the supportive community that keeps growing. 

I have many highlights from the year to share in this post, and I also lay out some plans for us in 2013.  I’m looking forward to an even more amazing year, especially now that it seems like the enterprise tech space is getting more mainstream attention.

Highlights from 2012 include…

  • We held our first meetup on January 25, 2012, and in 2012 had a total of 12 successful monthly meetups full of enterprise technology company demos, guest speakers, and lots of networking. 
  • Most meetups feature 4 company demos, and in 2012 we gave 43 enterprise technology companies the chance to demo to an audience which now averages 150+ signups per event.
  • Other events included keynote speakers (such as Jive Software’s cofounder Bill Lynch and VC Fred Wilson) and panel sessions (such as our September event’s enterprise VC panel).
  • The NYETM has almost 1,500 members, and includes a mix of technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, and students.
  • Attendees come from a variety of verticals such as financial services (includes GS, MS, JPMC, Citi, Credit Suisse, UBS), media (Bloomberg, WSJ), advertising (Omnicom, McCann), technology (IBM, HP, Google, Amazon, Jive, Box, CA), and more.
  • Guest speakers included Maria Gotsch (CEO of the Partnership for NYC Fund (formerly NYCIF) and head of the FinTech Innovation Lab), Owen Davis (Managing Director at SeedStart Enterprise), Melinda Chang (from the national nonprofit nPower), and Allen Gannet (Partner at the enterprise technology accelerator Acceleprise).
  • We’ve had six “Business Apps of the Month” so far: three mobile apps (ScanBizCards, Clever Commute, and StoryDesk) and three web apps (Betterment, IT Central Station, and SoMoLend).  While not explicitly enterprise-grade software, this segment of the Meetup features relevant technology to NYC business professionals, and so far has helped with networking, commuting, and investing.
  • We even helped Box promote its /bin (Box Innovation Network) event in April to facilitate drawing a crowd for its “New York arrival.”
  • In October we expanded to London and cross pollinate presenting companies between the two organizations.  The LNETM has had two successful meetups so far, and will also hold monthly meetups in 2013.
  • The networking portion of the Meetups has been terrific.  Whether facilitated through our Crowd Intro segment, or people introducing themselves before/after events, it is great seeing so many people working in enterprise technology in NYC get together to learn and share experiences.  Based on the diverse crowd we’ve been seeing, people can look for their next customer, a new hire, a potential partner, or even investment funding.
  • We were written about in the WSJ for the VC panel we hosted, and were called “one of the city’s most popular events” on PandoDaily.  Most recently, Xconomy wrote a terrific recap of our December meetup which featured a keynote by Fred Wilson on “network effects and the enterprise” and also included company demos from JouleX, tracx, and SoMoLend.
  • We wrote guest blog posts for both The Next Web and PandoDaily about enterprise tech. For The Next Web, the topic was “why the timing is right for enterprise technology to flourishand for PandoDaily it was “fifteen NYC-based enterprise startups to keep an eye on.”

So what’s in store for 2013?

We’re going to continue hosting monthly meetups featuring enterprise tech company demos.  We’re working on our next panel session and keynote speaker events, but always welcome suggestions for topics and/or speakers.  Our team fields many requests to demo via our website form which we continually review, so please keep submissions coming.

As the group continues to grow, we’ll begin offering special workshop events too.  These events will be smaller, themed events targeted at a subset of our members.  More to come on this in the near future, but know that it will provide for even more informative, engaging ways to meet new people and learn something relevant to your current goals.

A Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out to Cooley LLP which has been a Founding Sponsor of the group since day one, and provided us both a venue to host the meetup each month, as well as food and drinks too.  We really appreciate their generosity and assistance in growing the group.  Also, we’re very grateful to have Box as a Founding Sponsor of the NYETM.  If you’re interested in sponsoring an afterparty or becoming a Sustaining or Founding Sponsor, please email jon[at]nyetm[dot]com.

And of course, this couldn’t be possible without the help of the team — so thanks to Ian, David, and Rubi for all the work so far.

Overall, it has been a tremendously rewarding experience seeing the NYETM grow from our first 125 members who showed up on January 25, 2012 for our first event, to the almost 1,500 members that we’re at today.  As I said in June, I think that between the NY Enterprise Technology Meetup’s rapid expansion, engagement in the monthly events, and the excitement our members have to meet one another and work together, that we’re all proving that New York has a thriving enterprise technology landscape that will continue to develop over the next few years.

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