An infographic with stats from our first 2.5 years

It’s been a blast running the meetup since January 2012, and seeing how much New York’s enterprise technology ecosystem has grown over that time.  Over the summer we decided that it would be fun to collect a bunch of stats from our first two and a half years and turn them into an infographic.

Check out some of these stats! We’ve hosted 31 meetups, had 4,393 attendees, had 119 company presentations, and have over 32 hours of demo footage! Read the infographic for more info on special events, distances traveled by presenters, and exits by companies post-presentation.

Thanks to Mariko Kosaka of LiveIntent for helping collect all the stats, and to John Gannon of for designing and creating the infographic.  John shares startup career advice and jobs from startup leaders at He’s available to create infographics like this one for NYETM members at reasonable prices. Drop him a line here if you’d like more information.

NYETM Infographic

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