Ed Sim Fireside Chat Video (March 2013 Meetup)

Ed Sim is founder of BOLDstart Ventures and co-founder of Dawntreader Ventures. Mr. Sim has over 17 years of venture capital experience having led seed and first round investments in a number of high profile Internet and software companies.

Some of these market leading enterprises include Greenplum (sold to EMC), GoToMyPC (sold to Citrix and now Citrix Online), 24/7 Media (public and then sold to WPP Group), Answers.com (Nasdaq: ANSW), LivePerson (Nasdaq: LPSN), Gizmo5 (sold to Google), Moreover Technologies (sold to Verisign), Flashbase (sold to Doubleclick), and Fotolog (sold to HiMedia). More recent investments via BOLDstart Ventures include Blaze.io (sold to Akamai), GoInstant (sold to Salesforce), Rapportive (sold to LinkedIn), Thinknear (sold to Telenav), and Enterproid and IndieGoGo.

Mr. Sim has a deep interest in SAAS 2.0 (mobilization of SAAS), smart data, and cloud related opportunities. He also authors a well-known blog on venture capital and technology at www.beyondvc.com and is frequently quoted in the Wall Street Journal and other high profile publications. He started his venture capital career in 1996 with Prospect Street Ventures and subsequently co-founded Dawntreader Ventures in 1998 and founded BOLDstart Ventures in 2010.  You can follow Ed on Twitter at http://twitter.com/edsim.

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