February 2015 NY Enterprise Technology Meetup: Event Details

Join fellow technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors for the NY Enterprise Technology Meetup’s (NYETM) February meetup on Wednesday 2/25/15 from 6:30pm-9:00pm!

For our February meetup we have some exciting companies demoing their technologies, including:

• Sapho - Sapho allows enterprises to easily build secure, notification-ready mobile applications that run and integrate on existing infrastructure – legacy databases, legacy software, SaaS, and existing security/compliance systems. Sapho helps customers build better workflows on top of their software investments that enable increased productivity for their employees.

• Fusemachines - Fusemachines offers a “Customer Service Automation Platform.” It is based on the most modern research in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, but it is easy to use and easy to integrate into business operations. The platform allows Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to slash their average call times and website visitors to answer their own questions.

• Switch - As the business-grade phone system for Google Apps, Switch puts the power of the phone back in the hands of the user, providing a business number for your own device. Answer calls and texts from a mobile phone, desk phone, or desktop, and switch seamlessly between them mid-conversation. Google Apps company directory automatically syncs to your Switch account, giving you access to your coworker’s contact information from anywhere, and you can view recent Docs, Gmail messages, and upcoming Calendar events with your caller to give your calls more context. Get your team set up in less than a minute and easily manage company-level features like your main line, toll-free numbers, departments, business hours, and call routing.

• Conjur - Conjur makes access management easy at scale. With Conjur, DevOps and Security teams can quickly build automated modern infrastructure with robust security and compliance built in from the ground up. Conjur’s customers use the platform to ensure that secrets are not stored in source control, to build cloud native authentication and authorization, and to meet complex regulatory compliance requirements in highly automated environments.

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Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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