Simon Tan’s Keynote Video (October 2013 Meetup)

Description: Simon Tan, Product Manager at Box, on “Building an ecosystem of enterprise-grade mobile apps” - Business today is mobile – if you’re building enterprise solutions and not thinking mobile from day one, you’re going to miss out on at least 50% of knowledge workers looking to access their critical business data on the go. But how do you get your app in front of the eyes of IT admins who make the decisions about what apps and services to allow, and which to block? How do you differentiate yourself from the masses? Join Box product manager Simon Tan as he discusses the major concerns from IT admins when it comes to mobile, how Box addressed them and how OneCloud (a trusted ecosystem of mobile apps for business) was conceived and built to give IT peace of mind as well as a path towards true mobile productivity for today’s road warrior.

Video by David Raviv

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