How to Present

NY Enterprise Technology Meetup Presenter Application

Guidelines to demo at the NYETM

  • Your company must be an early or mid-stage startup, or if it is a later stage company it should have a new product to demo.
  • Your company must have a product. Services companies cannot demo.
  • Your product must be developed and not just an idea. However, it doesn’t need to have customers.
  • Your product should target the enterprise – we are agnostic as to the vertical, however if your technology is industry agnostic then you will have a greater likelihood of being chosen to demo
  • We prefer software companies although on rare occasions we may allow hardware companies
  • We prefer someone from the C-level management or founding team to participate in the demo
  • Once submitted your application will be reviewed by the NYETM team, and we will get back to you if there is interest in having your company demo at a future meetup.

Please note that the NYETM was founded in January 2012 and as such some guidelines may change or be added over time. Be sure to read them in full before applying to demo at a future NYETM.

To apply, complete the demo application.