Introducing the NYETM Startup Advisor Network

Today I’m excited to announce the NYETM Startup Advisor Network. The goal of this network is to pair individuals with enterprise technology experience with startups looking for advisors.

One of the greatest challenges an early stage enterprise tech startup faces is ensuring product-market fit through understanding needs of potential customers.  Within the enterprise domain, this is typically challenging because of the inherent difficulty of navigating a large organization paired with trying to understand its needs from the outside.  This is in addition to building your product with the necessary scalability and security capabilities that an enterprise deployment requires.

On the other side of things, there are many individuals who have deep subject matter expertise from working at large organizations for many years, yet no outlet to leverage this experience outside of their day jobs.  Oftentimes they have families or other situations which make them risk averse to joining a startup full-time.  However, many people have a desire to spend a few hours each month working with a startup tackling an interesting technology challenge.

Through the NYETM Startup Advisor Network our goal is to connect these two groups. We’ve been fortunate that as the NYETM has continued to grow, our almost 2,000 members are comprised mainly of enterprise technologists and startups. We hope that pairing advisors with startups will help facilitate continued innovation in the enterprise.

If you have enterprise technology experience or are a startup seeking an advisor, fill out the form below and then we’ll seek to connect you with a great fit.

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