January 2013 Meetup Details

Join fellow technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors for the NY Enterprise Technology Meetup’s (NYETM) January meetup on Tuesday 1/15/13 from 6:45pm-9:00pm!

Register here.

The format of the event will be company demos for 15 minutes each (with 5 minutes of audience Q&A after each demo), along with networking before/after.

For our January meetup we have some exciting companies demoing their technologies, including:

  • eZ Systems - eZ Systems s a globally recognized commercial open source content management software (CMS) provider.  eZ’s leading and innovative approach takes  your organization beyond traditional web content management into creating a true digital experience with systematic optimization capabilities. The eZ Publish platform sets new standards for digital lifecycle management, including recommendations and smart web analytics functionality, coupled with an application market place of certified extensions.
  • Pursway - Pursway develops Big Data algorithms and technologies to identify not just the social network of your customers, but who influences whom to purchase.  They deliver significant increases in targeted marketing ROI by identifying purchase influencers (people whose purchases drive those of their peers), measuring the collective value of their influence, and enabling clients to target influencers.  Influencers can be activated to leverage the underutilized Word-of-Mouth channel with outsized returns – typically the top 10% of influencers account for more than 50% of total revenues.
  • MemSQL -  MemSQL is a distributed, in-memory database for real-time analytics. Founded in 2011 by former Facebook engineers, MemSQL enables engineering teams to combine transactional and analytical applications on the same data set for transformative impact.
  • Visual Revenue - Visual Revenue helps media organizations set the best possible front page right now, based on their current (up-to-the-minute) content and layout.  Their Front Page Recommendation Platform provides Editors with actionable, real-time recommendations on what content to place in what position right now and for how long. Their predictive analytics technology allows media organizations to proactively manage the cost of exposing a piece of content on a front page, whilst maximizing the return they expect from promoting it.

Register here before the tickets sell out.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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