May NYETM event recap by Michael Koh of OLC

OLC attended New York Enterprise Technology Meetup’s event featuring four spectacular demos on Tuesday, May 21, 2013. Mortar Data’s Hadoop PaaS gets software engineers and data scientists up and running in an hour by making its custom big data work easy by leveraging existing skills and tools. Mortar is a cloud service platform that makes it easy to integrate your data into your pipeline. SiSense’s Prism is an easy-to-use, yet complete BI software that enables business users to connect to databases, analyze data and share web dashboards. Artisan is the first Mobile Experience platform that makes it easy to create and manage mobile experiences that drive revenue, engagement and retention. Mocana is developing the industry’s only device-dependent Summit Device Security platform that secures all aspects of IPaddressable devices as well as information apps & services that run on them.

Scott Wasserman, Founder and CTO of Artisan, presented first.   Artisan was founded in 2010 to fill a gap that was in mobile. “The key to mobile is experience, engagement and retention.”  Wasserman said. Artisan provides a free-flowing dashboard to make it easy for users and it removes the technical aspect of developing an app. “Artisan can be run on mobile as it’s optimized for it,” he said. “One of the things to keep in mind in building this was to make it frictionless. To incorporate SDK, you just drag and drop. It’s incredibly easy to integrate into your app. You don’t need a technical person to develop you app with Artisan,” Wasserman said. Experiments on Artisan can be run quickly from device to desktop to modify everything in-app as if the user was coding it in real-time. “Our goal is to get you the most out of your mobile investment. Artisan instantly updates all of the new designs without having to compile it yourself,” he said.

An audience member asked if Artisan can capture complex gestures. “Everything happening in the app will be captured in the SDK,” Wasserman answered.

“Is it your own intermediate language?” a member asked. “It doesn’t matter what; we’re reverse engineering your language. This app is going to do that. This isn’t changing your code on the fly, it’s sitting between it,” Wasserman answered.

“What is the pricing model?” an audience member asked. “We’re using the SaaS model and it’s based on the number of apps you have, the number of employees and clients you have,” Wasserman said.

K Young, CEO of Mortar Data, presented next. Its mission is to democratize data development. Mortar Data is a tool that software and data engineers use. Its interface uses code, so it’s mainly for technical people. Using Mortar Data, any set of calculations on large data sets can be analyzed. Because it is built on top of Hadoop, this comes easy for it. Mortar Data is making data simple and fast as possible. It makes large volumes of data easy to use and its iteration speed is very fast. It can be used to analyze logs and transactions to finding new stars in space to analyzing city data and more. There are two ways to use Mortar Data: the web only version (zero install and free-to-use platform) or the Mortar Project (quick one-step local install, super fast processing, multi-file projects, one-button display and free [only on small runs]). On the web only version, Mortar Data uses an easy-to-use editor that uses PIG and Python. Data can be illustrated after validating the code and the data is sampled through filters to see what is happening. Jobs are scheduled to run and job detail shows the procedure in real-time. Mortar Project, on the other hand, runs on Ruby on Rails and every change the user makes is immediately reflected on the browser.

Amit Bendov, CEO of SiSense presented “The World’s Easiest TB Scale Analytics tool.”  SiSense was launched in July 2010 and has seen significant growth since its launch—in 2011, the company grew 350 percent and in 2012, it grew 520 percent. SiSense’s business model is SaaS and inside sales. Bendov’s company does big data analytics. It is a high performance analytical database and easy drag and drop data extraction along with options to be on-premise or on cloud with Bendov calling the interface, “great looking web dashboard” to boot. There is no coding, no cluster and all inclusivity to SiSense.

Bendov talked briefly about the “Prism Revolution.” In the mid 90s, the trend in BI was complex and it was on a TB scale. It moved to agile BI in the mid 2000s, becoming simple on a GB scale, but according the Bendov, 2010 and beyond, Prism is the future of BI, the at the simplest form on a TB scale. “Comparing legacy and software, .5TB of data costs $500,000 to analyze on an app line. But with Prism, 10 TB of data can be done for $10,000 on a commodity server. Our secret sauce is the ElasticCube,” he said. The ElasticCube is an in-chip technology that uses in-memory speed. “The problem is that RAM is small. We use the disk, the RAM and the chip.” ElasticCube uses disk RAM and cache and columnar databases. It uses type and string compression as well as vectorized compression and uses a query recycler for multi-users. The dashboard for SiSense is straightforward and updates in real-time. The ElasticCube manager is interfaced towards business, not IT. “It is simple to use for non-tech people. There’s no coding; just clicking,” Bendov said.

James Blaisdell, CTO, was the final presenter of the evening, showcasing Morcana Mobile App Protection. The product currently boasts over 200 OEMs and ODMs using it today.

“Morcana will be incorporated into 500 million Android devices,” Blaisdell said. “We’re a big company that no one knows about,” he joked. Morcana automatically injects security to an app. “There are 13 policies in Morcana—we plan to add more every month.

There are securities against jailbreaking and rooting. We offer copy & paste protection and above all, we secure devices. Our product can add a VPN to the device’s connection so it doesn’t have to use a public DNS,” he said. There are currently 46 Android apps that are compatible with Morcana. Policies can be used to set data encryption for a certain amount of time, or used to complete wipe data from the device. Data can be automatically encrypted and its accessibility can be limited. Geo-location as well can be randomized to prevent triangulation. Morcana uses JSON and Ruby for its interface.

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