November 2014 NY Enterprise Technology Meetup: Event Details

Join fellow technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors for the NY Enterprise Technology Meetup’s (NYETM) November meetup on Wednesday 11/19/14 from 6:45pm-9:00pm!

For our November meetup we have some exciting companies demoing their technologies, including:

  • BetterWorks - BetterWorks is an enterprise goals platform trusted by high performing companies to engage, empower and cross-functionally align their workforces. By applying Goal Science thinking, BetterWorks meets the needs of today’s millennial and mobile workers with the security and scalability that enterprises demand. Our goal is to drive companies to become operationally excellent and provide powerful insights about how work gets done, while helping people reach their full potential at work.  We are headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, with an office in New York City, and are privately held and backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Formation 8.
  • CoreOS - CoreOS provides a new server operating system for running thousands of servers themselves. The company is made up of server infrastructure experts who had previously worked at Google, Novell, and Rackspace, and now they’re looking to package up a new Linux distribution that will allow others to build their own massively scalable server infrastructure.
  • Zoomdata - Zoomdata is the fastest big data exploration, visualization, and analytics platform for Global 1000 enterprises. Zoomdata’s powerful and intuitive interface turns anyone at your organization into a data-driven maven, capable of wrangling billions of records into insight-driving visualizations and dashboards in real-time. Zoomdata can also be white-labeled so you can leverage your company’s data into new data products. From the ground up, Zoomdata has been engineered to conquer your biggest big data exploration, visualization, and analytics challenges.
  • Netskope - Addressing the issue of rapid cloud adoption by enterprises, Netskope performs deep usage analytics and enforces business and security policies in cloud apps. Netskope enables customers to discover what cloud apps are running in their organizations and perform deep analytics to answer business and security questions like “Who is sharing files outside my company from Cloud Storage apps?”, “Are users in my Call Center downloading CRM data after-hours?” and “Which Collaboration apps are the most popular in my organization?” Netskope also allows customers to enforce granular cloud app usage policies in real-time because the product sits in the flow of cloud network traffic. Netskope has created the Cloud Confidence IndexTM, a database of more than 4,000 enterprise cloud apps that are assessed on their enterprise-readiness.

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