Selling to the Enterprise Panel Video (July 2013 Meetup)

During our July 2013 meetup we were privileged to have a high profile group of Sourcing professionals share tips on Selling to the Enterprise based on their diverse set of experience.

Check out the video as it is full of really relevant insights for enterprise companies of any stage which are looking to sell to the enterprise.

Panelists included:

  • John DeMattia – Vice President and Global Head of Sourcing, Thomson Reuters (previously Morgan Stanley, Coca-Cola, and others)
  • Conor Flynn – Director, Vendor Management Office, TD Securities (previously Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley)
  • Diane Kennelly – Executive Director, Head of Compute and Storage IT Sourcing, Morgan Stanley (previously Deutsche Bank, ADP, and others)
  • Dror Futter – Partner, SorinRand (previously Vidyo and Lucent)
  • Ken Going – Strategic Sourcing, Spend Optimization & Procurement Operations, Marsh & McLennan (previously President of Institute for Supply Management NY, MF Global, and others)
  • Moderator: Laura Grana – Director of National Affairs for the Institute of Supply Management NY and Global Sourcing Lead, Design and Construction Sourcing, Morgan Stanley (previously President of ISM and Ernst & Young)

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