It is with great appreciation that we list the sponsors of the NY Enterprise Technology Meetup, without whom we wouldn’t be able to host our monthly meetups and continue to grow the group.

Work-Bench – Founding Sponsor
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Work-Bench is an enterprise technology focused venture capital fund in New York City. We support early go-to-market enterprise startups and help scale customer acquisition with community, workspace, and corporate engagement. Subscribe to our Enterprise Weekly Newsletter.

Intralinks – Founding Sponsor

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Intralinks spans over 40 industries across the globe, and more than 3.1 million global professionals rely on us to work together securely and productively. Large-scale mergers & acquisitions, enterprise collaboration, drug development, syndicated lending, and fund management are just some of the endeavors we facilitate every single day.

RR Donnelley Venue – Founding Sponsor


RR Donnelley’s Venue virtual data room is the platform of choice for managing critical information. Whether conducting due diligence for a merger, raising capital or developing a document repository, our Venue virtual data room is the ideal workspace for securely managing and sharing your most sensitive content.  Venue provides users a suite of services within and beyond the data room, with unrivaled financial resources available quickly at your fingertips, backed by a local support team of experts 24/7/365.