The State of Enterprise Tech in NYC

From running the NYETM for over 3 years and co-founding Work-Bench in 2013, I’ve had a unique vantage point in NYC’s enterprise tech ecosystem. With that perspective, I decided to catalog all of our enterprise startups to highlight where we stand today.

That research led to documenting over 70 enterprise startups that are headquartered in NYC, and four interesting trends emerged from surveying the landscape.

  1. NYC has a growing IT infrastructure ecosystem
  2. Vertical mobile solutions are emerging
  3. HR has strong momentum
  4. Data and analytics is a relatively mature segment

TechCrunch published my research, so click through to check out The State of Enterprise Tech in NYC –

You can see the full list of startups here, and this list will be kept up to date. Please let me know any feedback on the post or any companies that I may have missed by tweeting to @fendien.

Jon Lehr

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